IU takes new steps to increase diversity

Community engagement is an important part of outreach to underrepresented students and that is why Vice Provost David Johnson has focused on expanding the connection to the “six Cs”: community organizations, counselors in high schools, camps, competitions, churches, and community colleges. The Office of Enrollment Management, the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs, and the School of Public Health-Bloomington have co-sponsored the Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning. With the up to 700 providers of after-school and summer programs from across the state in attendance, IU employees will build relationships with these organizations and share more information about the college application process. This event is one of the many efforts Johnson has long been visualizing as part of IU’s efforts to recruit more diversity within the student body.

In addition, the Office of Admissions has appointed Khala Granville, associate director, with responsibility for diversity-oriented student recruitment and outreach in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. “With Khala as part of our diversity recruiting team, we have an even greater opportunity to make personal connections with prospective students, their families and school counselors, helping them to see IU Bloomington as a place where they will flourish and go on to successful careers,” said David Johnson.

Read the Inside IU Bloomington article: 'Diversity... permits us the opportunity to marvel at our similarities and celebrate our differences' for more information.