2017 Overview

Recruiting, Enrolling, and Serving a Record-Setting Class

Every fall is an exciting time in the world of higher education. The fall of 2017, however, feels particularly special at Indiana University Bloomington as we welcome our largest, brightest, and most diverse freshman class ever. Welcoming these 8,001 new Hoosiers, helping them adjust to campus life, and watching them thrive in their new environment—these moments bring home the importance of the work being done year-round in the Office of Enrollment Management.

With unprecedented collaboration and alignment across units, OEM is doing its part to recruit, enroll, and serve the students of IU. This year, we continued to build on the goals set in our strategic plan: recruiting high-achieving and diverse students, reducing their financial burden through scholarships and aid, communicating effectively about IUB programs and resources, and streamlining the student experience from first contact to graduation and beyond.

Vice Provost David Johnson

We are constantly innovating to create the best experience for all students—from first contact to graduation and beyond.

David B. Johnson, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management

The new class of Hoosiers joins an already impressive student body. The OEM team and I look forward to serving all undergraduate students on the IUB campus this academic year. At the same time, we are also working on new ways to continue—and enhance—our efforts to recruit, enroll, and serve students in the most effective, innovative ways we can envision.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this record-setting class. I look forward to working with you further to create even more opportunities for current and future IU students.

David B. Johnson
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Being a Cox Scholar helps me tell people who I am. It says that people believe in me and have backed me up.

Expanding Reach: Created Multi-Faceted Bicentennial Recruitment Strategy to Promote Higher Education in Lowest Enrolling Indiana Counties

Our in-state efforts this year went beyond simply recruiting Indiana students. We’ve made it a priority to reach students and families in traditionally low-enrolling counties of the state. The Bicentennial County Scholarship provides funding to incoming beginner students from 25 Indiana counties where IU enrollment—and college enrollment more broadly—has historically been low. By extending such support, we are working to build a pathway to higher education in underserved or isolated areas of the state.

In the coming year, we hope to expand our reach and provide additional need-based aid to high school students throughout the state of Indiana. We are exploring bold initiatives to make IU Bloomington a viable option among Indiana families for whom affordability is the top priority.

My dream is to be a retail analyst and buyer. With the opportunities here, that’s totally achievable.

Increasing Access: Implemented New Application Formats—Yielding a 21 Percent Increase in Applications

In order to ease the application process and make applying to IU a more accessible option for all, we implemented both the Common Application and the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success application. As an alternative to the IU-specific application, students were able to choose to apply to IU and a host of other schools using either of these two platforms. This allowed us to reach students who otherwise might not have had the time, awareness, or resources to apply, while also increasing and diversifying our pool of applicants. As with most schools that have implemented the Common Application, we saw a sizable increase in applications.

Percentage of Applications from Common, Coalition, and IU eApp

Precentage of Applications

Earning a scholarship showed that IU wanted me. I’m invested in the school—and they’re invested in me.

61%Scholarship event conversion rate

25%More scholarship funding offered to admitted students, compared to last year

15%more admitted students received scholarships, compared to last year

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and building a network I can reach out to in the future. Now there’s nothing stopping me from being successful.

Innovating Through Technology: Built Tools to Meet Students Where They Are

Our prospective students live much of their lives online and make valuable connections through technology. To better reach them where they are, we’ve deployed a variety of new tools and technology platforms. This year, we continued to optimize the virtual IU tour, so that students and families who are unable to visit in person can still get a firsthand look at the beautiful IU Bloomington campus. Last year, more than 40,000 visitors toured campus—without setting foot in Bloomington.

Increased digital outcomes

75%Average increase in the number of social media engagements over last year

88%increase in deposits from social media advertising over last year

virtual tour

Over 40,000 visitors toured campus without setting foot in Bloomington. Participants spent an average of nine minutes on the Virtual Tour, four times the average time spent on a typical website.

Start the Tour
Student Central call representative answering a call.

Student Central optimized operations to decrease caller wait time from 4:39 to 1:32 minutes and walk-in wait time from 15:39 to 5:35 minutes.

Ask Student Central
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The new IU FYE App showcases the array of Welcome Week and Experience IU events. Since launching in April, it has been downloaded over 14,000 times.

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1. As part of our streamlined New Student Orientation experience, students were able to review, confirm, or officially update their major prior to orientation.
2. During orientation, students had the opportunity to confirm or decline their direct admit offer.
3. Having a more accurate major and direct admit status for each student enabled advisors to provide more robust consultations during orientation.
4. Ultimately, the enhanced process helped over 1,500 students change their major and over 2,700 students accept their direct admission offer.

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