Nancy began working at IU in 1975 in the School of Continuing Studies as the Independent Study clerk, mailing all the study guides to Indiana prisoners (she quickly memorized all the prison addresses!). Two years later she was promoted to Secretary to Assistant Dean Les Coyne in Continuing Studies. In 1979 she went to work in the Bloomington Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid as Secretary to the Director, Jimmy Ross. In 1989 she had the opportunity to work for Chancellor and Vice President Gros Louis. As his assistant, she learned a lot about the Bloomington Campus, university administration, and the academic environment.

In 1995, she added Special Events Director to her title with Chancellor Gros Louis, and was finally getting paid for all the event planning she'd done her whole life. In 2002, she left the Chancellor's Office to work for Vice Chancellor Don Hossler in Enrollment Management, returning to her student services roots. She has been in Enrollment Management since 2002, as the Assistant to the Vice Provosts - Don Hossler, Roland Cote, and now Roger Thompson. She loves her job, the IU family, and all the students she has worked with for 32 years, including a few celebrities such as Tavis Smiley and Mark Kruzan, but most of all, she feels fortunate to have worked for some genuinely kind and interesting bosses.