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Administration & Fiscal Affairs

From fiscal matters to human resources to facilities, Administration and Fiscal Affairs is the glue of OEM. This cross-functional team ensures that resource planning and internal control policies, procedures, and practices are consistent with federal, state, university, and IU Foundation guidelines.

Office of Retention

The Office of Retention works to foster an environment focused on student success. Through data-informed decisions, the Office of Retention supports students in navigating their IU journey, working to eliminate equity gaps and to help students persist through their first year—and all four years—at IU Bloomington.

Strategic Planning & Research

Through reporting, analysis, research, projections, data visualizations, and simulations, SPR supports a collaborative, data-driven environment where OEM units set and meet enrollment goals. We partner with campus leadership to create an in-depth look at enrollment trends and work with our campus partners to strategize new initiatives that help drive the campus forward.

Enrollment Marketing & Communications

A combination of creative mojo and data analysis allows us to implement innovated marketing communications to serve prospective and current students and their families—driving enrollment and retention to and for IU Bloomington.

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