Yearly Overview

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Student Central created the Financial Aid Student Tracker (FAST) report to help students understand changes to their financial aid awards. Previously, students received an electronic financial aid notification (eFAN) when their aid packages changed due to scholarship, grant, or loan updates. The eFAN allows them to see the updated aid package but does not detail the changes. Now students can use the FAST tool to see and understand all aid activity.

The Indiana County Bicentennial Scholarship continues to make IU possible for students from the 25 lowest-enrolling counties in the state. The $10,000 scholarship ($2,500 annually), along with expanded community outreach, has resulted in significant growth in enrollment from these counties. Since 2016, 411 students have received a total of nearly $2 million through this program, and enrollment from these counties has increased 11 percent. This year’s beginner class includes a record 141 Bicentennial Scholars.

Not only does the IU 21st Century Scholars Program offer you financial aid, but they offer you a support system when you need it.

Eunice Wu, class of 2021
Major: Finance
Minor: Law and Public Policy

At eight years old and with no knowledge of English, Eunice Wu moved to Indianapolis from Hunan, China. Ten years later, she was valedictorian of her high school class.

Clearly a talented and hardworking student, she knew she was destined for college. But when her stepfather passed away during her senior year, her family’s financial future was uncertain—and her college application process was one of many responsibilities on her plate.

Thanks to the 21st Century Scholarship and IU’s 21st Century Scholarship Covenant, Eunice was able to focus on school and family without worrying about college finances.

Now more than ever, students with OEM scholarships receive benefits far beyond financial support. This year, the Office of Scholarships expanded their current scholar programming to provide these students—Hoosier Scholars—with more events and opportunities to enrich their academic experience. Scholars enjoyed events, including dinners, study breaks, sporting events, and community service days. By celebrating and supporting students through these engagement opportunities, we are fostering a community of scholars.

This year, we fully rolled out pre-registration. For the third consecutive year, almost the entire incoming beginner class registered for fall semester courses during New Student Orientation. Since 2015, first-time student drops have decreased by about 3 percent, and students have adjusted their schedules about 17 percent less than in previous years.

We are grateful for the support of our many partners on and off campus. We look forward to continuing to create and streamline pathways for students to enroll, connect, and thrive at IU Bloomington.

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