Yearly Overview

40%High School GPA of 4.0

78%arrive with college credit

91%Retention rate from first year to second year

Lowering barriers for students and creating an inclusive IU community

The Office of Enrollment Management is committed to enhancing college accessibility for all students, starting well before they consider attending college, continuing through the search and application phases, and throughout their enrollment at IU.

One important way our office makes a college education feel more accessible to students is by inviting them to campus and teaching them about IU. With dozens of year-round and in-person precollege programs for K–12 students, visiting students are able to experience everything IU has to offer before they even start thinking about going to college. For students who are at an age where they are considering applying for college, the IU Precollege Academy provides them with the opportunity to learn about the college search process—whether or not they plan on applying to IU. In the program, rising high school seniors were invited to see themselves as college students on the Bloomington campus while visiting and learning about the tools to make their goals a reality.

We are also streamlining the college application process for students. For the past three years, IU’s test-optional admissions has given students the opportunity to choose how best to tell the full story of their potential. This year we also expanded IU Bloomington’s math curriculum requirements to align more closely with our Big Ten peers. Both initiatives give students more control over their application process and provide a more streamlined experience for students applying to multiple schools.

Once students are admitted to IU, we make it easier for them to explore and learn while pursuing their goals. To encourage students to review multiple degree options, we have added an alternative major question to the New Student Orientation reservation form. This new data point has helped us provide better and broader information for academic advising conversations, support the growing business-focused student population during academic advising, lift the visibility of IU Bloomington’s diverse academic offerings for all students, and promote retention of students.

As demographics shift in Indiana and around the U.S., we also understand the importance of better supporting our first-generation students. We have created specific resources for first-generation students and their families/supporters to better introduce them to academic and financial information, support resources, and college life. This includes an identity system, additional communications and videos, a new web presence, and activities throughout the year. Faculty and staff have been invited to self-identify their own First-Generation identity as part of a visibility initiative to help incoming students feel comfortable on campus.

Support for transfer students during their admissions process and transition to IU Bloomington will continue to be important as more students move between colleges and campuses. The pathways to transfer have been streamlined so students can more easily navigate the admissions process and recruitment activities connect prospective students with their admission counselor to receive guidance. Scholarships are available for transfer students and programs and events specifically for enrolled transfer students help them connect with the IU community and resources.

50K+Visitors to Admissions programs

17K+Students served by Student Central in August

10K+Students served through New Student Orientation

Continuing our progress

As we move forward, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, encompassing several key areas of focus.

Spring enrollment expansion for transfer and first-year Students: Our efforts to enhance student enrollment continue with a particular focus on spring enrollment for both transfer and first-year students. By tailoring our strategies to accommodate these distinct groups, we ensure a seamless transition into IU Bloomington's vibrant academic community.

Driving innovation through market insights: Using a blend of institutional, peer, and market data, we continue to assess the value and potential of proposed programs. The Eduventures Program Strength Assessment™ will benchmark the strength of our proposed programs compared to peer institutions; determine opportunities to expand our portfolio of program offerings to strengthen the reputation of our institution; identify programs that meet market demand; and support the creation of a focused and distinctive academic portfolio that students are excited about enrolling in at IU Bloomington.

Student writing at Precollege Program activityEnhancing audience engagement platforms: We're refining our use of platforms that enable us to foster stronger connections with our diverse audiences. Using Slate and Salesforce, the best in class constituent relationship management platforms, we're creating avenues for more effective communication and engagement. These tools empower us to better understand our audiences, respond to their needs, and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout their journey with IU Bloomington.

Degree Compendium expansion: The IU Bloomington Degree Compendium will eventually contain every IU alums name, graduation year, and degree awarded. The first phase, launched in 2022, consisted bringing in handwritten records from the years 1830 to 1890. The next series of degrees, from 1966 to present, were recently added and the online tool launched in early September. And we are currently working on adding the final set of degrees from 1891 to 1965.

Aligning spring and summer registration: Currently on the Bloomington campus, early summer registration for continuing students takes place over six business days near the end of March and is followed by early registration for the fall term in April. Starting in fall 2023, students will register for summer courses in October. Students may benefit from moving the summer early enrollment period to the fall and aligning it with the spring term early registration period.  

As we continue to evolve and innovate, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and student success remains at the core of all our endeavors.

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