2018 Overview

Welcomed More Indiana Students, Representing All 92 Counties

IU Bloomington is home to more Indiana students than any other college or university. In fact, incoming freshmen represent all 92 counties in the state.

This year brings our largest freshman class ever: 8,097. It’s also one of the highest achieving, with a median GPA of 3.83 and an average SAT/ACT composite score of 1292. We have a record 1,358 underrepresented students, a 9 percent increase from last year. And more than 11 percent of the class are first-generation college students.

I really wanted to be here. When I got my admission packet, I was ready to pack my bags and go!

The FYE conference brought together 251 participants from more than 40 IU departments and included sessions on facilitating civil conversations, navigating the student conduct process, and working across generations.

IU feels like a small school and you can make it your own, but it’s actually huge and there’s a ton of opportunities to explore your interests.

$317,500Bicentennial Scholarship funds awarded to incoming freshmen


The Office of Student Financial Assistance transitioned to a paperless system for financial aid appeals processes, eliminating the burden on students to print and mail materials.

The idea of premed used to scare me. My advisors, career coaches, and professors all helped me find the right direction, and I’m excited about my future.


Continued to Use Tools and Technology to Improve the Student Experience

OEM moved to an enterprise system for eTranscripts, simplifying the transcript process and allowing OEM staff who historically supported this system to focus on other responsibilities. Many students also took advantage of pre-registration, signing up for several first-semester classes before they arrived at New Student Orientation—and improving the effectiveness of their NSO advisor appointment.

By implementing AcademicWorks, a system-wide scholarship management system, the Office of Scholarships processed more than 10,000 scholarship applications with greater efficiency. And OEM reached further into the capabilities of Slate and Salesforce—the CRMs for prospective and current students, respectively—to establish and nurture important relationships. Hundreds of events and more than 12 million emails launched from Slate alone during 2017–2018, while Salesforce helped standardize our emails (more than 665,000 of them) to current students, faculty, and staff.

Increased digital outcomes

33%average growth in social media audience over previous year

38%increase in conversions through virtual campus tour

We also simplified the notification process for admitted students. Admission letters now contain scholarship notifications, helping students to make more informed decisions at an earlier date.

Through Hudson & Holland and Herbert Presidential Scholars, I’ve met so many people and expanded my network outside my major.

Reorganized Our Team to Maximize Efficiency and Improve the Student Experience

For the first time, OEM has a centralized marketing team. Staff from various areas within OEM were realigned into the Strategic Communications and Marketing team, which now produces print, video, and digital communications for all OEM offices.

The Office of Admissions also experienced a shift: administrative staff are now located in a newly renovated building at the corner of Third and Mitchell Streets. The new Office of Admissions Welcome Center in historic Ernie Pyle Hall welcomes future Hoosiers in the heart of campus, with state-of-the-art presentation technology and easy access to the IMU and other amenities.

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